Safisha Disinfectant Pine 1L
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Safisha Disinfectant Pine 1L

cleaning your kitchen counters, floors, toilet seats, bathroom sinks throughout the home. Cleans, kills germs and removes bad odours
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Safisha Disinfectant Pine 1 L is a quaternary ammonium based disinfectant and deodorant with a fresh pine odour. As a broad spectrum disinfectant, Safisha Disinfectant Pine 1 L is very effective for controlling bacteria, fungi, mould and slime. General building maintenance cleaning including floors, paintwork, basins and benches. Safisha Disinfectant Pine 1 L is use in Disinfecting fabrics, Removal and inhibition of mould and slime from concrete paths, bricks, tiles and all painted surfaces. Do not mix Safisha Disinfectant Pine 1 L with soaps or anionic based detergents.
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