Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750ml
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Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750ml

Our Daily Shower Shine prevents the build-up of watermarks and limescale. A hero product for the bathroom
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Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750 Ml is a daily shower cleaner that helps prevent the build-up of limescale soap scum and grime. Just spray and walk away so you can clean less and do more. Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750 Ml Cleans and prevents build-up of limescale, soap scum and grime in the shower. No scrubbing, rinsing or wiping necessary. Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750 Ml is used on fibreglass, porcelain, chrome, tiles, glass, plastics, acrylics and shower curtains. A quick and easy daily cleaning solution that leaves a crystal clear shine! Use after showering by simply spraying over surfaces. Directions to use Astonish Daily Shower Shine 750 Ml : Spray 15 inches from surface to be cleaned. Start with a clean shower. Immediately after showering, spray a light mist over the interior wet surfaces including the curtain and/or door. Walk away Do not scrub, rinse or wipe off. Run the shower before entering to rinse the shower and bath floor. Always stand on a non slip surface when in shower or bath. Do not use on worn, damaged or cracked surfaces, gold plated fittings, brass, natural marble, untreated natural stone surfaces, polishes, painted oiled wooden surfaces or resurfaced enamel
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