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Von Microwave Solo Vams-20Mgs Silver
In Stock
Von-Microwave Solo Vams 20Mgs Silver has 6 Auto cook menus (Potato, Pizza, Popcorn, Beverage, Frozen Dinner, Reheat) Multistage cooking Time defrost with one/two-stage cooking OR Two stage cooking independently
KES 10,995.00
Mika Microwave 20L Mmw2012S
In Stock
Mika Microwave 20 L Mmw2012S has Output: 700W.Capacity: 20 Litres.Color: White.Voltage: AC 230-240V/50Hz.Manual Control.5 Power Level.Defrost Function.35 Minutes Timer.Durable Glass Door With Handle.
KES 9,895.00
Ramtons Microwave Digital Rm/320 Silver
In Stock
Microwav Digital Rm 320-Silver is authentic, built with great quality and durability and most importantly, budget-friendly just in case you are working on a budget.
KES 10,500.00
Ramtons Microwave Digital Rm/319 White
In Stock
Ramtons Microwave Digital-Rm/319 White is affordable, innovative and durable. For every household and kitchen need
KES 10,000.00
Ramton Grill Griddle Re/127
In Stock
Ramton Grill Griddle Re 127 has 1800 Watts Grill griddle double sided reversible plate Detachable non-stick coated cooking plate Removable and adjustable temp control knob
KES 7,260.00
Mika Microwave 20L Mmw2052D Silver
In Stock
Mika Microwave 20Lt Mmw2052D Silver has Output: 700W.Capacity: 20 Litres.Color: White. Voltage: AC 230-240V/50Hz.Manual Control.5 Power Level.
KES 10,195.00
Mika Microwave 20L Mmw2051D White
In Stock
Mika Microwave 20Lt Mmw2051D White is preferred in Kenya. One of the main reasons is reliability.
KES 9,995.00
Hotpoint Microwave Vams-20Dgs/Hms-210Ds
In Stock
Hotpoint Microwave Vams 20Dgs/Hms-210Ds has a digital control panel , 800w ,adjustable power levels , quick start function ,push button (no handle)
KES 11,395.00
Von Hotpoint Microwave Solo Vams-20Dgb/Hms-202Db
In Stock
Von Hotpoint Microwave Solo Vams 20Dgb/Hms-202Db has a digital control panel 800w ,adjustable power levels ,quick start function ,push button (no handle
KES 11,495.00
Samsung Microwave Ms23K3513Aw White
In Stock
Samsung-Microwave-Ms23K3513Aw-White heat foods quickly and efficiently because excitation is fairly uniform in the outer 25?38 mm of a homogeneous, high water content food item.
KES 13,223.00
Samsung Microwave Mg28J5255gs Silver
In Stock
The air-frying function of the Samsung-Microwave-Mg28J5255Gs-Silver is called a Slim Fry, which produces crispy meals without having the need to add additional oil.
KES 21,995.00
Samsung Microwave Mg23K3515Ak Black
In Stock
Samsung-Microwave-Mg23K3515Ak-Black is an electric oven that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range.
KES 19,995.00