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Naivas Kenya is the best Retail seller of Maize flour in Kenya. Discover a wide selection of Maize flour brands on Naivas online shop at the best prices in Kenya. Make your orders and have convenient and timely deliveries at your doorstep

-KES 35.00
Amaize Premium Maize Meal 2Kg
In Stock
Amaize Prem.Maize Meal 2 Kg is a high-quality, sifted from top-notch maize, making delicious ugali for the whole family ? every time.
KES 200.00
KES 235.00
Hostess Maize Meal 2Kg
In Stock
Hostess Maize Meal 2 Kg is A fine grade of maize flour curated by purifying maize to the highest standard. The excellent Hostess Maize Meal quality makes it cook faster, without eliminating any of its nutrients
KES 232.00
Jogoo Maize Meal 2Kg
In Stock
JOGOO MAIZE MEAL 2KG, Wholesome Meals For A Healthy Family
KES 165.00
Ndovu Maize Meal 2Kg
In Stock
Ndovu-Maize-Meal-2-kg Helps in Digestion: Maize Flour is one of the best Flour which helps in Digestion
KES 157.00
-KES 10.00
Pembe Maize Meal 2Kg
In Stock
PEMBE MAIZE MEAL 2KG, Milled from the finest maize, it is undeniably tasty and nutritious for the whole family
KES 149.00
KES 159.00
Raha Premium Maize Meal 2Kg
In Stock
Raha-Premium-Maize-Meal-2Kg is rich in dietary fibre, protein, vitamin B6, magnesium
KES 230.00