Zoe Apple Shampoo 1L
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Zoe Apple Shampoo 1L

Zoe Apple Shampoo 1L nourishes each hair strand leaving it healthier and shinier. It's formulation is pH balanced to be as gentle as possible on your hair thus giving maximum moisture

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Zoe Apple Shampoo nourishes each hair strand leaving it healthier and shinier. It's formulation is pH balanced to be as gentle as possible on your hair thus giving maximum moisture and healing for dry curly or damaged hair. We know that your hair has a unique structure with distinctive twists and turns and with our unique formulation, we are going to bring out the best in you. Say bye bye to all types of dandruffs: dry skin dandruffs, oil related dandruffs or even fungal dandruffs after using Zoe-Apple-Shampoo.˜HOW TO USE; Wet your hair thoroughly,Put a small amount of Zoe-Apple-Shampoo to the wet hair and massage gently from roots to ends,Leave on hair for 3 minutes or so,Rinse˜ thoroughly with warm or cold water,Repeat the process if necessaryRECOMMENDED FOR:Dreadlock,Natural HairTransitioners,Relaxed/chemically treated hair,Colour treated hair

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