Miadi Olive Oil Relaxer Super 200g
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Miadi Olive Oil Relaxer Super 200g

Miadi Olive Oil Relaxer Super 200g also has Aloe Vera which ensures that you are comfortable, meaning no irritations or burns on your scalp. What you get is silky, bouncy hair
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The name Miadi is a Swahili word that translates to ?the promise? in English. What MIADI promises is an effective, naturally inspired and all proud hair care experience. Users are therefore assured of a versatile product and guaranteed performance, whether it is for cleansing, conditioning, nourishing, or styling hair. Supreme Conditioning: Infused in every step with Strengthening Ceramide and Coconut Oil Miadi Protein Treatment has good moisture retention and shine enhancement benefits for your hair, unlike ordinary pomades that leave the hair feeling very greasy and sometimes heavy. Miadi-Olive-Oil-Relaxer-Super is a moisturized relaxer that gently relaxes your hair leaving it with body and bouncy. Its unique ingredients I.e olive oil leaves the hair smooth &silky, while Aloe vera prevents any irritation that may occur during relaxing. With Aloe for silky, bouncy hair * Super strength for coarse hair * Olive oil conditions hair as it relaxes. Miadi-Olive-Oil-Relaxer-Super leaves your hair soft smooth and silky. Miadi-Olive-Oil-Relaxer-Super also has Aloe Vera which ensures that you are comfortable, meaning no irritations or burns on your scalp. What you get is silky, bouncy hair. Use Super for coarse, hard hair.
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