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Naivas Kenya is your number 1 seller of fresh chicken in Kenya. Discover fresh chicken from Naivas online shop at the best prices in Kenya. Make your orders and have your deliveries at your doorstep at affordable prices.

Naivas Kienyeji Chicken 1Kg
In Stock
Chicken makes a fantastic substitute for red meats. A great source of protein
KES 850.00
Naivas Butchery Chicken Gizzard
In Stock
Naivas butchery kitchen Gizzard meat is low in fat, and high in vitamins. Gizzard contains several vitamins including Vitamin B12, which is essential for brain function and forming white blood cells
KES 665.00
Naivas Capon P/Kg
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Naivas capon is a male chicken that is gelded, or castrated, at a young age which improves the quality of the meat. Then it is fed a rich diet of milk or porridge
KES 485.00
Naivas Chicken Thigh With Bone 500g
In Stock
Naivas Chicken Thigh with Bone 500g is a good source of protein and provides important micronutrients such as selenium and iron
KES 649.00