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White Pepper Whole 100g
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Whole white peppercorns are the spicy seeds from the black pepper, or Piper nigrum, vines
KES 2,951.00
White Chia Seeds 100g
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Chia seeds are naturally grown as a mix of both black and white seeds
KES 1,350.00
Western Green Grams 1Kg
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Green grams are beans, which means they belong to the family of legumes that includes other common beans like kidney beans
KES 180.00
Suree Yellow Curry Paste 400g
In Stock
The red curry paste is used as the basic ingredient for preparing many Thai curries and fried dishes
KES 850.00
Suree Thai Red Curry Paste 400g
In Stock
Suree Thai Red Curry Paste 400 g is a pre-prepared paste for Thai Red Curry
KES 695.00
Suree Thai Green Curry Paste 400g
In Stock
It is a spice mixture of green chilli, garlic, lemongrass, shallots, laos, kaffir lime zest, coriander seeds, cumin and shrimp paste
KES 695.00
Suree Tamarind Paste 227g
In Stock
The sour and fruity taste of the tamarind is perfectly compatible with the hotness of chilies and gives many dishes their pungent-sour taste
KES 390.00
Suree Sweet Plum Sauce 295ml
In Stock
Suree's Sweet Plum Sauce is an original Thai sauce that goes perfect with any deep fried dish, such as chicken nuggets, fish nuggets and shrimp cakes
KES 395.00
Suree Sweet & Sour Sauce 295ml
In Stock
Sweet and sour sauce is made on the basis of water, sugar, concentrated pineapple juice and tomato puree and some additions for color and texture
KES 460.00
Suree Premium Oyster Sauce 295ml
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Suree Premium Oyster Sauce 295 ml is a thick, brown sauce consisting of oysters, brine and soy sauce which is cooked until thick and concentrated
KES 350.00
Suree Pad Thai Sauce 295ml
In Stock
Suree Pad Thai Sauce 384g (295ml) Pad Thai sauce is made from tamarind, fish sauce and palm sugar. Pad Thai is one of the most famous Thai dishes in Thailand. Pad Thai is known for the quick and tasty preparation of the dried rice noodles with the simple ingredients.
KES 425.00
Suree Hoisin Sauce 260g
In Stock
Suree Sweet Hoisin Sauce is used as a sauce for the famous crispy duck wraps,also used as a condiment, dipping sauce or to add flavor to your recipes
KES 540.00