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Our Crackers are the best and also very sweet. Discover Crackers in Naivas online shop. Explore for a great selection of these Crackers from Naivas at the best prices in Kenya. Make your orders and have convenient and timely deliveries at your doorstep at affordable prices in Kenya.

Nuvita Salty Crackers 48g
In Stock
Nuvita are exquisite wholemeal biscuits that are very delicious and are a favorite among many owing to their unique taste and nutritional benefits
KES 54.00
Manji Dinner Crackers 200g
In Stock
The outstanding quality of Manji crackers makes them second to none and the most desirable products in the market
KES 220.00
The Cracker Shack Amaranth 200g
In Stock
Amaranth flour mixed with white flour makes a delicious cracker that is higher in protein than most crackers
KES 675.00