Payment Terms

Our Fees

You agree to pay the applicable fees listed on our Fee Schedule ("Fees") whenever you use our Service. We reserve the right to change our Fees at any time, including without limitation if we determine you are incurring excessive Chargebacks. All Balances and all fees, charges, and payments collected or paid through the Service are denominated in Kenya Shilling (KES) currency. All Fees are charged at the time we process a transaction.


set-off and Collection Rights

Without limiting our other rights, we may set-off or deduct any amount you owe us from your Balance, any proceeds due to you, your Bank Account, and/or other payment instrument registered with us. If we are unable or do not wish in our sole discretion to set-off any amount you owe us, you will immediately pay us, upon demand, such amount. You also agree to pay all costs and expenses associated with collection in addition to the amount collected, including without limitation any applicable interest, attorneys' fees, court costs, collection agency fees, and other legal expenses.


Delivery Windows Processing Errors

If there is an error in the processing of any transaction, you authorize us to debit or credit your Payment Account or Bank Account, as applicable, to correct such error. If we are unable to debit the Bank Account you select for any reason, you authorize us to resubmit the debit, plus any applicable fees, to any other Bank Account or payment instrument that you have on file with us.



We may provide you a means for you to determine and apply taxes to your transactions, but we are not obligated to determine whether taxes apply and are not responsible for calculating, collecting, reporting, or remitting any taxes to any tax authority arising from any transaction. Information about you and your transactions using the Service may be reported to the Kenya Revenue Authority (“KRA”) as provided in our policy on KRA Reporting Regulations on Third-Party Payment Transactions.