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Bottle beer have been around for a long time. Naivas Kenya has a variety of local and imported bottled beer. Most people enjoy the authentic taste of beer in a bottle especially when it is cold. The bottles are usually returnable to the manufactures. You can place your order of a cold bottle at Naivas and have it delivered.

Tusker Cider 500ml Bottle
In Stock
Tusker Cider 500ml Bottle is an alcoholic drink made from crushed fruit, typically apples
KES 217.00
Summit Larger 500ml
In Stock
Summit Larger 500ml is a truly Kenyan sugar-free beer
KES 178.00
Alska Kiwi And Lime 500ml
In Stock
A cider with the aromatic experience of kiwi fruit with a tangy, zesty taste of lime
KES 370.00
Alska Lemon Ginger 500ml
In Stock
The Alska Lemon Ginger Cider is a refreshing blend of lemons with discrete hints of ginger
KES 370.00
Alska Nordic Berries 500ml
In Stock
A refreshingly sweet cider that blends together blueberries and blackberries
KES 370.00
Alska Strawberry Lime 500ml
In Stock
?lska Strawberry Lime Cider combines strawberries with tangy tropical lime to give a rarely vibrant cider
KES 399.00
Balozi Lager 500ml Bottle
In Stock
Balozi Lager 500ml Bottle is a rich, natural tasting beer made from pure water originating from the heart of the Aberdares and the finest malted barley with no added sugar
KES 190.00
Castle Lite 440ml
In Stock
Castle Lite 440ml is an American-styled lager with a clean, crisp taste with a refreshing hop flavor when served cold as is recommended
KES 165.00
Castle Milk Stout Bottle 500ml
In Stock
Castle Milk Stout Bottle 500ml is a special stout brewed as a lager, unlike most stouts which are brewed as ales
KES 185.00
Corona Extra Beer Bottle 355ml
In Stock
Get Corona Extra Beer Bottle 355 Ml on Naivas Kenya. Order for this item on Naivas Kenya and have it delivered right at your doorstep
KES 330.00
Guinness 500ml Bottle
In Stock
Get Guinness 500ml Bottle on Naivas Kenya. Order for this item on Naivas Kenya and have it delivered right at your doorstep
KES 207.00